May 13, 2017

How can a Shop operates without shop floor Assistants?

It will be a disaster, Many shoppers will be frustrated and leave. The owner will lose money and reputation.In this day of social media, the message will spread like wildfire. Just like your website without website monitoring services. Your website visitors get frustrated sometimes, they need to ask questions, they need more info about this and that, they want assurance that they are making the right decisions. That's why you need website monitoring services from Marketonline.

Website Monitoring Services

Imagine a big shop with lots of products and no one to assist customers ! some customer will continue searching for their products, other will shop because they know where their products are. But many will leave out of frustration and never return again.
This is the same as a website without website monitoring services.
Shop owners have learned that this is wrong long time ago, that is why there will always be shop floor assistants.
Your website is like a shop without a shop floor assistants, some of your prospects browse until they find what they are looking for, some they already know where it is, but many leave out of frustration because they didn't know where to find what they are looking for.

live website monitoring agents

Facts !

Let’s face it, it is not only the BBTs (Born Before Technology) who get lost while browsing the net, even the young tech savvy, and the experience once get lost on some. Everyone hates to click on a link then get a 404 page not available because of your website's broken links. Then when this happen what do we do? We click the back button. When this happens your website suffers a huge bounce rate, which in turn affect your ranking.

When you go to a hardware store or a big supermarket to buy one or two items, You don't go through all the shelves, I also don't.
Unless you know which shelve to go to, you'll look for a shop floor assistant. The next thing you will ask more information about similar products with different prices.
After this, you are certified with your choice between the less expensive product and the most expensive product.

Isn't this the same feeling your website visitors want? Haven't you feel like asking someone something while browsing some websites?
I Know! Only If those websites have website monitoring services.

When visitors spent more time on your website, Google takes it that your website is important.
Time is one of the factors in google's ranking matrix.
If for instance, your prospect search for "affordable accommodation in Pretoria" and click on your page on the SERPs, then immediately hit the back button without clicking any other link, your ranking is affected because of relevancy and bounce rate.

No Website should be on the bad site of Google Ranking. With website monitoring services, your website visitors will take more time because our live chat agents will guide them to relevant pages and keep them feeling at home.

Live Chat Website Monitoring

Website monitoring services offer your website visitors the same experience as shop visitors get in big shops and hardware stores. These are live agents who monitor your website, chat with visitors and guide them around, answer questions and explain some details. This makes your website visitors relax and spent more time on your website.
There are no more alone behind their computer screen, they are like walking in your shop, with your shop floor assistants taking them to relevant pages and helping them understand why they should fill up those forms or buy that product. The benefits are unparalleled, more time on your website more conversion, less bounce rate, higher ranking on SERPs.


Website monitoring services by Marketonline

Moving Forward !

Now your website can have a say to your visitors and tell you what your visitors want.
Whether you’re a web designer, developer or marketer, your website is the first impression you give to your customers. Many of your prospects check on your website before they come to your store or offices.
Unlike your office or store where you have people who can assist your clients,  when these prospects want to ask questions or clarity about services or products while on your website they get no one to ask.
the danger of this is that your competitors are a mouse click away. they can just simply click back and check on the SERPs the next service provider.

At Marketonline we have agents that monitor your website, just like shop assistants on the shop floor who can direct you to the right shelves or the right product or even explain how they work or differs from others. Our website monitoring agent can and will answer questions and direct your prospects to the relevant pages.

Furthermore, this service will help you uncover what other services or products are in demand, which services or products should be on the first pages of your website and help improve your website's search engine optimization.

The report for this service include transcripts of the chat, which can help you understand more about your prospects. As a business person, you need this kind of information when you make changes or adjustments in the future.



Marketonline  offers two  website monitoring services:

live website monitoring agents who communicate with your prospects as they visit your website and guide them around or answer questions. This service reduces bounce rate. Google also use this as part of their matrix for ranking pages. Bounce rate is caused mostly by visitors who get lost on your website and click back as they don't know where to go.

The second one is technical website monitoring. here we use technologically advanced tools to monitor the performance of your website, page rankings, keywords, crawl errors and broken links because of poor link building services. This service will give your visitors a good User experience.

  • We all don't like that feeling when you click a button and you see 404 error page.
  • Solution.

    Get website monitoring services from Marketonline that will give your website a competitive advantage. REMEMBER ! your Competitors are just a click away. 




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