August 15, 2017

Social Referral Program

Get paid to share business posts on your timeline!!!

First Things First: Referral marketing is a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, usually word of mouth. Such referrals often happen spontaneously but businesses can influence this through appropriate strategies.Wikipedia
Social Referral program is an automated referral program that use social media as a base for referral.

Warning: This is not A GET QUICK RICH SCHEME, also it is not a labour intense practice . South African minimum wage is R20.00 per hour. with SRP you can make R60,00 - R120,00 per hour. It depends on number of factors like: your Internet device, your internet speed, the number of your Facebook friends , other social accounts and your participation on those social media. Simply you get paid for taking tasks like : Share, Like ,Tweet and Comment on posts.

The more You tell the more you make

The more you tell the more you make

We market the business, We share the Profit

We market the Business ,We share the profit

How Does It Work.

We load Business tasks on SRP. (Screen Short on Right ).  Send the SRP (social referral Program ) link to you. You perform tasks and gets points when you complete any task. On the  screen short on your right, --->

 You get 100 points for visiting a Facebook page, 100 points for sharing on your time lime, 50 points for tweeting.  After completing these three tasks, your total points will be 250. When you complete  any other tasks you points will be add to the 250. So on....

Once you have accumulated more than 10000 points you can exchange them for Cash, airtime or data bundles.  You can test the demo system at the bottom of the page to have the  feel of the SRP. Fill in the form to book your spot.                                                   

One business may have its own SRP or join in with two or more in one SRP. One SRP may have few or several number of tasks. Tasks in one SRP may be loaded  daily, weekly monthly or once off. Once  tasks are loaded  or new business join , we send qualifying members a link to the SRP. 


When you complete any tasks ,you get points for it. You accumulate points as you complete tasks. You can perform these tasks any time after you got the link at any rate and any order.  

You cannot perform the same task twice.

Every task will gray-out when completed. 

To get more points Invite your friends on social media by clicking the Referral button.

When any of your invited friends join, you get more points, they also get points for joining. 

NB: You can exchange points from one promotion or add them up at once and get one deposit. We deposit money into a South African bank account only. (Please check terms and conditions on the system). 

How Do I Join.

You can Join  Social Referral Program  by filling the form or  register on the demo SRP at the bottom of this page. Click on "Register to convert points into Cash button".   You must have more than 100 Facebook friends, Have a south African bank account ( If you don't have it, You can't convert points into Cash, you can only convert points into airtime or data bundles). 

Why Do I sign Up Twice

The first sign up is for any body , including those who need to test the system to use it for their own businesses. If you need to be able to exchange your points into Cash, you must fill up the form at the bottom. 

There are businesses who need their post to be shared in certain provinces, and those who need to share nationally. We need to know where you leave so that we can send you relevant links. That form gives us the basics for that. 

NB: Its important that you like our page, If a tasks is for every one we will post the link there. If there are new developments , we will post them there. Not private messages. 

Should you have any further questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us :

Spread the message to get more referrals

Spread The Message To Get More Referrals

The more you tell the more Money you make

The more you tell the more money you make

We market the business , We share the profit

We market the business, we share the profit



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