June 22, 2017

Online Tickets

Sell Online Tickets For Your Events :

Online tickets make It easy for your event attendees to buy your event's tickets using smartphones. Easy and fast to scan tickets at the gate using your smartphone.

Organizing an Event

Organizing an EVENT can be chaos, organizing a paying event has added problems. You need people to attend and you need them to pay. 

Old ticketing methods have many downfalls, like the ticketing place may close while attendees are still trying to buy tickets. Some need efforts to get the tickets, like going to the outlets or printing the tickets. 

Online tickets by Marketonline have a better solution with huge ROI. 

You can sell your online tickets 

On your Facebook page

On your website

Or on a hosted page (temporarly for the event.)

Your attendees can buy online tickets using smartphones and make payments using debit cards, credit card or EFT.


merchandise bundled with online tickets

Sell your special event merchandise bundled with online tickets. Your event attendees likes to keep memorabilias.

Making Money

There are many advantages for selling online tickets through Marketonline. 


Our online tickets can be bundled with mercahndise for the event, like caps and T-shirts.

Being a marketing company, we have many ways to promote and market your event.

we can sell your online tickets untill the event start. 

We collect all the data for anttendees to be used latter for promoting your next event, taking stats, or taking a survey to get the opinion of the masses. 

Key online ticket features:

• We basically provide you with your own personalized ticketing platform that is fully customizable in terms of look and feel which plugs into Facebook and Your website.

• Your brand is the hero and looks professional, we are just the engine.The entire platform from the interface to the ticket design to email responders are fully customizable.
• We have a full CRM system build into the tickets backend which can be used for bulk emailing, SMS and social media marketing and everything is tracked ( e.g. views & conversions )

• We deal with all customer service which gives you the best of both worlds, we don't just sell your tickets, we promote and market your event.

• We accept Credit card, EFT, and debit cards payment.
• You can sell products and merchandise online that can be collected at the event.
• We can also set up any independent store to be a ticket seller.

No Worries About Attendees At the Door:

Scan printed online tickets using your smartphone

• We have a robust door management system which allows you to handle your scanning, guest list and door sales online or offline. All you need is an iPad or an iPhone or any Android smartphone • We really are here to help build brands and our customer service is like no other. We strive ourselves as very professional and only want to work alongside brands that are serious about their brands.

Make It Easy For Your Attendees :

Scan online tickets directly from attendees smartphones 

It is not a must for your attendees to print their online tickets, they can simply download online tickets on their smartphones. Upon arival, they open the tickets on their phones and you scan them using your smartphone. NB: Once the online ticket is scanned, it cannot be scanned again. 

Crowd Control :

Do You want to sell category tickets but can't separate attendees? 

If you sell online tickets with different categories like General, VIP, VVIP. But you want your VIP and VVIP to roam around at ease, we got you covered. We will provide you with wristbands that match the occasion. Bling VIP tickets to distinguish them from the crowd. This will help for security purpose and for services. 

Spread The Message :

You can make your brand the BOSS of the event

Branding  your event's wristband will help to increase popularity and spread the message about your business. Use your logo and colours that match your business or event them.



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