April 19, 2017

About Us

Changing Websites From Business Catalogues to Great Marketing Tools.

& Loving every second of it!

After a failed business back in 2013, the founder Mpho Sekonya set down and do a post-mortem of the dead business. His discovery lets me start a new business: Marketonline.

He pointed out Poor Marketing strategy as one of the main cause of the death.

We created a website and print thousands of flyers to market a marketing tool, our website.
We hired people to distribute the flyers, of which many of them went to the nearest Rubish bin, We wasted lots of resources while our website was a sleeping white elephant.

It was clear that many other businesses are facing the same thing.They know what their marketers do and have their weekly and monthly stats, but they know little or nothing about their websites.
They don't know how many people visit their website per month, they don't know how is their website performing online.

With this findings, Mr Sekonya went on an Epic journey to study ALL THINGS ONLINE MARKETING.
In his words he says

I went to a dead business's funeral and find BOK of online marketing.

Body of Knowledge Wikipedia.

We love websites !!

Now at Marketonline we all agree with him that, A website should be given its task and its honor.
It's available 24/7.
It communicates the business message to many prospects at the same time than other marketing tools.

Now our business is all about websites.

We create beautiful marketing tools called WEBSITES.
We Change existing business catalogues into Marketing tools called WEBSITES.
If it is not about websites, We are not interested.

internet marketing consultant

If it is not about websites, we are not interested.


Service Thobejane

Web analytics Specialist, Web developer
Service Thobejane Hold a pillar position, he designs and develops websites, The major part is web analytics, which is the starting point of all our services accept his web development service.

Vicky Mathe

Live chat Website Monitoring agents
Communicate live with website visitors and direct them to relevant pages, answer questions and explain in more details about services or products.

BA Kgodisho

Sales executive
Communicate with field sales members and project managers



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