How to win clients and turn them into ambassadors of your business

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How to win new clients and turn them into ambassadors of your business

Big businesses with a big budget where the only ones who can do various marketing strategies. While smaller businesses were left with no choice but to depend on word of mouth, flyers, and posters.

Budget Marketing

Marketing strategies like distributing flyers need a lot of cash. The study shows that they can bring only 1-3 percent conversion rate. Now, what can small businesses with shoestring budget do to keep old clients and win new ones?

The following three strategies can help a business even those which don't have a website.
The advantage of running these campaigns on your website is that these campaigns will drive a huge traffic to your website. When this happen it will boost your pages rankings. Which means you will enjoy the benefit of high ranking and high traffic.

Before  you start any campaign or any new form of marketing, It is important to get your  web analytics so that you can compare with the final stats and  know how did the campaign help you.

Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is a way of rewarding you clients/customers for doing something about your product or business.

A customer accumulates points for performing certain actions.
It could be a reward for referring your business to others, or for buying your products.
South African Cellular Network Operator, Vodacom is keeping clients by giving them points and free on network minutes when they buy air time.

Many businesses have been doing this type of campaign. But they use cards which you can lose or forget now and then. The problem is, once your customers loose their points, they are more likely to leave your business. The loyalty program can be a clue holding them to your business. The better loyalty program is an online one, no cards printing and losing, and never lose the points.

On as online loyalty program, you have many ways to reward your customers, and they have many ways to engage with your business.

Unlike the traditional one where customers get points for buying products only,
Your customers get points for various things. like sharing your post on social media. Get points when a Referred friend order and pay for a product or service. Get points for writing a caption on a meal, picture or post.

Your customers can log on their portal and check their points. Your customers can exchange points for coupons and get discounts on their next meal, service, trip or product.

Scratch and win:

"Vodacom play every day" is the best example of this. Again here Vodacom shows us an example of keeping your clients. In their a Play everyday app, clients are given an opportunity to play for a lucky win, rewards are from airtime, discount coupons, and others. 

You can emulate what Vodacom is doing, by giving your prospect a number of daily scratch cards for a chance to win. 
You can place some scratch card on your Facebook page or website daily, on a random time. This way, some prospects will have a chance to scratch and lucky ones will win.
Random time will make your prospects to visit your website often.

I myself have been checking on Vodacom play everyday app, where they said they will randomly put airtime from time to time. 

Photo Contest

This is the easiest of them all and can generate more leads and huge brand awareness.
People are competitive by nature and so we love to win. That is why sports all over the world generate more revenues in adverts
than any social gathering.

The cost of a thirty-second commercial during Superbowl has passed the R50 million mark.

How to run a photo contest on a Facebook page or your website.

It is very important that your contest is targeting your prospects, by age, and area. It won't make sense to run a contest which is not going to bring potential customers to your business.

The contestants should upload their photographs using or holding your product to enter the contest. Being at your practice, shop or something that promotes your business. The idea is that your product or business should be the center of the campaign.

The next phase, the contestants ask their friends and families to vote for the best picture. Lucky voter or voters will win a price.

People already comment, share or like friends pictures on Facebook. imagine how will they respond for a chance to win a trip, a free meal or a favourate product.

to your people from a targeted area to enter a photo contest. (take your picture at an outlet and post it to enter competition, ask your friends and families to vote ) We like to compete and we like to win , its natural. This will keep many people on your website or Facebook page, where we can post adverts and our loyalty members share them to get points.

People continue to vote and anticipating to see who will win the contest, spreading the message to their friends. The winner get a price and lucky voters get coupons or prices. This is a major boost in brand awareness. 

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Caption Contest Campaign

( Caption is a title or brief explanation accompanying an illustration, cartoon, or poster. )
You can ask your prospects to write a caption of a picture on your online shop or post to enter a contest, the best caption will win a price. Same as the photo contest, the second phase is to ask friends and families to vote for the best caption.
encourage voters a reward. In any campaign, this will increase conversion.
Which campaign to use depend on your business, your product, and your target market.

NB: All the email addresses that were collected, when people enter competitions, scratching cards or voting must be saved. Then use
an email marketing system to increase your reach. Next time when you have special, grand opening, or anything, you can use the emails to spread that message.

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