10 Reasons why you should get your own online shop

The New Dawn

The days of going to malls for everything and pushing huge trollies full of groceries are gone. It's the dawn of new trollies, online shop trollies. 

Nowadays we go to the mall to socialize.

Having your own online shop has several benefits.
Whether you use it to sell products alongside your bricks and mortar business, or as a standalone e-commerce venture.

First let's look at reasons for an online shop compare to bricks and mortar shop.

More Profit

With an online shop, you can stay home and work right from your computer. The only expense is your internet and with that, there is a decent price each month.

Less risk

Starting a business online is less of a risk than starting a business offline. There is always a chance of the business not working out and not make enough profit. If this happens, with a business online, there isn’t that much investment wasted because it costs much less to start.

More Customers

You have the luxury of getting more customers. This is because customers from all around the world can buy products from your online shop. Anyone who has the internet is able to visit your online shop. Having a business offline is only available to those who live by you or would travel. With international payment gateways, Your customers can pay you from any country. You get your money in your own currency.

Shipping goods for your online shop

With International couriers like UPS and DHL, to mention a few, you can ship your products globally There is really no Impossibilities, you don't have to be worried about, how will my customers from other countries get my products. It's all done by the click of a button.

Ludwick Marishane of Headboy Industries is selling more products overseas than in his home country. His Product, DryBath which he invented is South Africa, is doing well because of Internation shipping companies and the Internet payments. The benefits are endless when having a business online.


Allow prospective customers to shop where, how, and when they want. People like to shop online to avoid traveling time and traffic while enjoying the comfort of their own home. Consider a situation where people have working shift while your store is open, when they knock off, your store is closed. Having an online shop gives them the ability to shop when they want, including times when stores are closed. Remember, your online shop is ALWAYS open. Regardless of an individual’s reasons, more and more people are turning online to get shopping done.

Supply on Demand

Your online shop is your station on the Internet. In a physical store, clients hope to leave with goods they’ve recently purchased. Yet in an online shop, a time of holding up is normal. You don't need to attempt the danger of obtaining 100 products in stock because it is month end and they might be a surge in the store. Rather, you can show one photo of your product. Cheap or even free CRM like Hubspot can integrate with your online shop and inform you when your stock is running low.

No need for huge space

Nearly anything can be a store nowadays. From somebody's carport to a stand in a shopping center to a gigantic distribution center. In any case, every one of those spots accompanies related costs. For example, lease, protection, security and stylistic theme. Online stores may have their own particular related costs. For example, your Web facilitating and space charges, visual computerization and whether you use individuals to do your photos, or duplicate and configuration work. However, you're ready to spread out as far and wide as your servers permit.

You don't feel compelled, for instance, of mixing your winter and summer specials together in one corner of a shop. Rather, make a different - or a few - Web pages for each. Clients won't need maps, lifts or moving walkways to view your products. They use their Smartphones or computers at their own space and time.

Greater flexibility

An online shop can be updated instantly and as often as you like. For example, to promote a ‘deal of the day’ on your front page, without the need for expensive printed display material.

Spreading Awareness

Your online shop visitors can tell their friends about your products by sharing on social media. When visitors buy your products, they fill in forms for shipping purposes and in the case of reversal. you can later use these email addresses for marketing your other products.

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Now back to the main question, Why is it important to get your own online shop.

There are many online shops where you can subscribe and sell your products.
When you use this kind of online shops, your products are among others, some even competing with yours. Your products are like those in shopping malls. Some of your potential customers may end up buying from your neighbors.


Google Ranking:

The traffic that you bring to that online shop, benefit the owner of the online shop. When more people visit the shop the shop gets higher ranking in Google and other search engines.

Spreading awareness.

When your loyal customers share your products on social media, they bring potential customers not only to you but also to your competitors.

So having your own online store will mean the opposite.

Why You Must Get your online shop from Marketonline.

We specialize in online marketing, we will help you in marketing your products. We will help to bring traffic to your online shop.

We treat you like a partner, we work with you all the way to your success.

We don’t create your online shop and leave you alone. We are marketers and you are a business person. Together we are partners.

That is why we have add-on services.

Website Monitoring 

Website Analysis

Keywords Research Services

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing 

With these services you will get more visitors , convert them into customers, 

Know how many customers visit your online shop, Where they go and much more.

We will be Your Ears and Eyes on Your online shop.


Re-targeting adverts, here we prepare adverts for specific products and for specific personas. When these personas visit your online shop and browse specific products then left without buying, these adverts will follow them either on Facebook or Google display network. (You might have noticed after visiting certain websites, you start seeing their adverts on Facebook, or when you go to sites like Sowetan or times, you start seeing their adverts.) That is re-targeting adverts.

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